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  • ski

    Skiing during summer/vinter

    Stryn offers skiing experiences during the summer and the winter. See more at Stryn Sommerski and Stryn Vinterski

  • film


    A spectacular video of Strynsvatn made of Kai Johnny Thue Venøy, which has led to many bookings. Check it out!

  • hov

    Hoven Loen

    Loen skylift takes you from the fjord in Loen to mount Hoven 1011 masl. Activities, great food and a spectacular                             view. Opened in 2017.

The easiest way is by car. The camping is situated by the road Rv. 15. If you prefer taking the bus, you can find the schedule at Nettbuss. If you plan to drive in the winter, we recommend you to check the road conditions in advance. Find your route at Google maps.

Stryn sentrum 12 km

Loen 20 km

Stryn Sommerski 35 km

Briksdal 40 km

Geiranger 50 km

Vestkapp 120 km

Lom 110 km

Otta 180 km

Ålesund 150 km

 Oslo 480 km

Bergen 370 km

Trondheim 430 km

Kristiansand 790 km

Nordkapp 2080 km

Gøteborg 770 km

Stockholm900 km

Helsinki 1370 km

Find distance and travel route from where you are at Google maps.

Yes, we do! We have several access points, so the reception outdoors is good all over the camping. A bit variable reception indoors. There is a router in the kiosk, so the WiFi is particularly fast in the cafeteria and around the reception.
We are open from late May to mid September. Opening hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Since we live nearby, we also available outside our opening hours.
From end May to mid July, depending on the snow conditions. Find out more on Stryn Sommerski.

Yes, you can! The water comes from our glacier in Rjupedalen behind the camping. Therefore, the water quality is very good. Since the water is also rinsed with UV-light, we guarantee top quality always.
We accept all kinds of cards, Vipps and cash payment in NOK.
Yes, we have four parking spots for buses at Strynsvatn Camping.
Yes, we do. You are very welcome to Strynsvatn Camping!
We have 220 beds for bus groups, sports teams, motorcycle clubs, organizations and bigger families.
Yes, with ordinary caution it is allowed to bring a pet into the cabin. We expect that the owner cleans up after the pet. 
For now, we do not have an EV charging point. Still, we have plenty of sockets. Contact John Roger to find a socket where you can charge your electric car. 
Yes, you can. If you do not bring your own grill, you can borrow one of many keg grills at the camping.
We also have a barbeque pavilion by the lake, which can be used by our guests. The pavilion can be reserved. Grills for one-time use is only allowed when placed safely, such as on asphalt/flat rock.
Nice day trips in the area:
- The roundtrip Hellesylt-Geiranger-Gamle Strynefjellsvegen.
- Trip to Briksdalsbreen.
Trip to Kjenndalsbreen.
Trip to Måløy og Vestkapp.
Trip to Panoramavegen - Nordfjordeid.
- Skiing at Stryn Summerski
- Visit Jostedalsbreen Visitor Centre National Park. 
- Take the skyline at Hoven
Find travel routes and distances at Google maps.
Book accommodation online. You can also order bedlinen and final cleaning while booking online.
If you send an email or call, we can book accommodation for you.
Welcome to Strynsvatn camping!